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Our Drive

Alternativ Managers Simplifies Everything

Alternativ Managers was formed out of a passion to support the growth of small and medium enterprises within the Nigerian economy. Alternativ Managers has the vision of promoting economic development by creating wealth opportunities for businesses. Our aspiration is succinctly captured in our mission which is to aid the growth of small and medium enterprises by providing relevant business support services.

Our Services


We help you to build a plan of action designed to super achieve your overall aim.


We help you to develop a set of procedures that is absolutely simple in adaptation.


We are acclaimed thought leaders in public, corporate and personal finance.

Our Work

How We Simplified Systems for Ford Foundation

We developed a strategy plan for GPFAN (a Ford Foundation funded project), the leading group of Nigerian professional artists. We designed the process that supports the growth of the Nigerian arts & culture sector both locally & globally.

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